Raleigh Home Values 2014

Are Raleigh Home Values on the Rise for 2014?

All the indicators are here for rising home values. Our area luckily did not see the dramatic price increases in home values in the early 2000’s like Las Vegas, California and areas of Florida. With dramatic increases, also came dramatic falls. Although our area had its share of short sales and foreclosures, it was mild compared to the harder hit areas.

That said, although prices will be on the rise, they will likely not be double digits. The good news is that of you are a seller, low inventory means the market is on your side. If you are a buyer, home prices are still well below those of 2008, when the area was at the peak – so good deals are still available.

Are you curious about Raleigh Home Values for 2014?

Use this handy tool to determine your home’s value in today’s market. You can also use this tool as a Buyer to determine home values in your neighborhood of interest.



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