Tackle common home improvement projects and transform often overlooked spaces with simple and budget friendly solutions. Try one… or more… of these quick, affordable mini makeovers to help your home look better!

1. Boost Kitchen Storage

Whether your kitchen is large or small, ample storage is always a selling point. Take advantage of unclaimed wall or corner space with open shelves to keep dishes, spices, and cookware within easy reach. Embellish plain shelves with decorative brackets to add personality. If you frequently entertain, consider mounting a wine rack next to cabinetry.

2. Upgrade Your Cabinets

With the simple addition of molding, you can give your cabinets a brand new look. Here’s How…

3. Restore Your Floor’s Shine

The versatility and warmth of wood is incomparable to other flooring materials, but regular exposure to dirt, dust, and high foot traffic will leave it looking dull and distressed. Restore your floor’s shine factor by polishing with a product that is specifically designed for hardwood floors. A wooden floor should be polished once a year, and every four to six months in high-traffic areas of the home.

4. Give the Fireplace a Facelift

Give a dated brick fireplace a modern makeover with a fresh coat of paint. Before starting, thoroughly clean the fireplace to loosen grime. Apply a stain-blocking primer to the clean fireplace before you paint to help cover soot stains. Choose a high-gloss paint to give your fireplace a beautiful look that lasts.

5. Stop Clutter at the Door

As one of the first rooms guests see, the entryway has a big job to do: make a good first impression and keep drop zone items tidy.  Use a do-it-all storage system to merge function and flair. Furniture can be used for double duty as a bench and a shoe caddy. A combination of storage solutions, like wall hooks, lockers, cubbies, or a bench, will help your entryway stay organized and accessible.

6. Shed a Little Light

Beautiful light fixtures can go a long way in energizing or soothing a space, and savvy designs can ease eye-intensive tasks. Successfully light a room by creating layers of light with task, accent, and ambient lighting. An interesting pendant, sconce, or chandelier instantly boosts a room’s sophistication. Here, a whimsical chandelier makes a statement above the kitchen sink and provides a practical light source for prep and cleanup.

7. Banish Closet Clutter

One size does not fit all when it comes to closet storage and organization systems. Maximize your closet capacity and cut the clutter with easy, affordable ideas that work for your routine and your stuff. Before rushing off to the store for a new closet organizer, measure your closet space, take an inventory of what’s being stored, and consider your current and future lifestyle.

8. Add a Sink Filter

An undersink filter gives you clean, great-tasting water without cluttering your sink or countertop space. Even better, you can easily install a water filter without hiring a professional. Before starting your project, make sure your undersink space is large enough to accommodate a water filter system.

9. Go Modular

If space is at a premium in your humble abode, don’t fret. Boost your blank wall and storage capacity with a modular shelving unit. Various books and display pieces add colorful interest to white shelves in this small space living room. The cubby style shelving is also a perfect fit for baskets, boxes and bins to keep storage accessible yet out of sight.

10. Accessorize Your Entryway

Curb appeal is always important when selling your home. Entryway details can make a lasting impression on guests and give your exterior a distinct personality. Matching finishes on accessories will give your entryway a classic look, while mix and match accessories will create a one of a kind aesthetic.

11. Professionally Clean Your Carpets

When was the last time your carpets were cleaned? For a little bit of money, you can revive your carpets and improve your family’s health with a professional carpet cleaning. Weekly vacuuming removes topical dirt, dust and hair, but a carpet cleaning service will remove stains, allergens, dust mites, and grit. If you have carpet in high-humidity areas of your home, carpet cleaning will also help prevent mold and mildew growth.

12. Backsplash for Less

A backsplash not only adds a dose of character to a kitchen, it also protects walls from splashes and spills. Beaded-board backsplashes, as well as tile backsplashes, are easy to install and can be done without the help of a professional. A beaded-board backsplash keeps this white kitchen fresh and livable.


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